Company Profile


Company founded in 1993 by Mr. Josef Hadlich, managing Director, many years of experience as a culinary professional.

His goal back then was to close the gap in the market for mediation of hospitality real estate in the Salzburger Land.

Later expansion of the site to residential properties, holiday homes, building plots of all kinds, and commercial real estate.


August 2012, the company moved in the centre of Zell am see, to the newly-built business centre – right on the main road.

December 2012 commencement of the retirement of Mr. Hadlich. New management as of this date, the daughter of Hermann Schnell: Monika Winkler, which has taken on since 2010 to the side of Mr. Hadlich all areas of responsibility. Specifically, the focus of gastronomy was intensified and regional advanced (next to Salzburg, Tirol, Oberösterreich, Kärnten and Steiermark)


In 2010, the Acquisition of the company by the entrepreneur Hermann Schnell.


September 2013 Takeover of the company by Monika Winkler.

So, over 24 years of experience in the placement of GASTRO-real estate!

Managing Director Monika Winkler

  • Qualification for commercial occupations "Elisabethinum" St. Johann im Pongau.
  • Many years of culinary experience in the family Operated on the Paß Thurn - Panoramaalm and Sonnalm.
  • Bank employee in the Raiffeisenbank St. Johann im Pongau
  • Overall office management of the company
  • Training and proficiency check for the commercial real estate agent